• QI wireless charged AA battery

Wireless charged  AA battery

  • Li-Polymer Battery in AA size case, 1,5V

  • 400+ batteries are replaced

  • Safety. Ecological compatibility. Comfort

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One Airiola battery replaces more than 400 alkaline batteries.

15% of the world market for batteries is occupied by salt and alkaline batteries. More than 15 billion batteries are ejected annually. This means that many billions of dollars are wasted.

In the production and processing of alkaline batteries, there are salts of heavy metals, which harms the ecology of our planet.

One Airiola battery replaces more than 400 alkaline batteries and makes our environment cleaner.

According to calculations by DISCOVERY Research Group, per capita battery consumption was 7.55 pcs / person. Only 2% of the batteries are recycled after use.

Used batteries are one of the most dangerous types of household waste for the environment. One battery can pollute the land area of 20 m², as well as groundwater and air.

Airiola is a wirelessly rechargeable battery 1.5 V in AA case. In most cases, you do not need to remove the battery for recharging. For example, a computer mouse will always be charged and ready to go.

1.5 V AA size batteries are the most popular batteries from primary current sources. We use them in the computer mouse, toys, electronic devices, medical devices, etc.

The Airiola battery supports the Qi standard. You can use a Qi charger for any manufacturer or use our Qi dock- station. In addition, you can customize the dock- station according to your design.


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Li-Po battery in AA case

3D printed

QI Wireless Charger Pad

  • QI Wireless Charger

  • DС-DС converter 1,5V

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  • Any colors

  • Different forms

  • Custom design



  • 1,5V 1A Out

  • Short circuit protection

  • Thermal Limit Protection

BQ51013B Qi Highly Integrated Wireless Receiver (Texas Instruments)

MCP73831 Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Charge Management Controller (Microchip Technology)

  • Reverse discharge protection

NCP1529 Step-down Converter 1,5V (ON Semiconductor)


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